Ethical and Legal Issues in Healthcare

by David Lemberg MS DC on May 11, 2018

My new textbook, Ethical and Legal Issues in Healthcare, is published by Cognella Academic Publishing (national launch, July 2018).

The textbook is a definitive resource for healthcare students and professionals in nursing, medicine, and the allied health sciences, providing a comprehensive overview and exploration of today’s ethical and legal landscape in healthcare delivery.
Ethical and Legal Issues in Healthcare

Ethical and Legal Issues in Healthcare discusses and analyzes

  • The history of healthcare ethics
  • Key concepts and intellectual traditions
  • The four principles of biomedical ethics
  • The history of legal systems
  • Tort law, negligence, and standards of care
  • Landmark court decisions and legislation in the context of healthcare ethics
  • Informed consent and patient rights and responsibilities
  • End-of-life decision-making

Importantly, Ethical and Legal Issues in Healthcare investigates healthcare issues in contemporary society, including

  • Social determinants of health
  • Health disparities/health inequities
  • Medicare and Medicaid systems
  • Bias in healthcare delivery
  • Corporate governance
  • Electronic health records
  • Gene editing and genetic technologies
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Healthcare concludes with an in-depth examination of global challenges and the future of healthcare.

    Each chapter features real-world applications including case studies. Overall, Ethical and Legal Issues in Healthcare provides healthcare students and professionals with the critical information needed to navigate the myriad ethical and legal issues that inform and influence modern healthcare.

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